Helping operators on to the ladder.

Michael Thomas, operations director at Iona Pub Partnership – the pubco arm of Glasgow-based multiple operator G1 Group – said the company’s lessee support covers everything from marketing, training and finance to investment and legal matters, and is “easily available and tailored to [each] venue”.

Thomas added that one of the most appealing aspects of working with a pub company “is having the responsibility of your own business without the sense of being in it alone”.

The benefits of working with a pubco also extend to major events, according to Thomas of Iona Pub Partnership, who said the company offers additional support in the run up to busy periods, such as Christmas and New Year. He said the pubco’s dedicated marketing manager holds regular ‘festive tracker meetings’ from as early as May “to ensure every venue is prepared and organised ahead of both the booking season and [the] actual festive season itself”; this support includes the creation and distribution of an Iona Christmas booklet, which contains a range of festive artwork options, ready-made point of sale kits, costed festive menus and marketing ideas.

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