Mountblow Facelift

Located on the Dalmuir stretch of the lengthy Dumarton Road The Mountblow Bar, a short walk from both the Dalmuir railway station and the Royal Jubilee Hospital and has been given a much deserved facelift.

The Mountblow pub, which has been part of the community for many years and run by local Cheryl Sweeney, part of the Iona Pub Partnership, has recently reopened its door’s after an £80,000 investment from the Iona Pub Partnership.

The investment has tastefully given the dusty pub a new lease of life. Playing on the traditional features of the pub that has been at the heart of the community since the early 1900s. The investment has seen the much dated red and cream exterior freshened up to a classy dark green and black finish that really highlights the classic golden Mountblow signage. With the exterior lights fixed and in full working order the pub is unmissable at night. The internal investment has similarly had a fresh colour scheme that helps accentuate the traditional wooden features and brass fixtures.

Along with the investment to the pub itself Cheryl has revamped the offer available at the pub. With entertainment planned from Wednesday through to Sunday, live sports and an extensive list of Gins and Whiskies Cheryl is going to keep the regulars happy whilst attracting new customers of all ages.

David Goodwin, Iona’s Business Development Manager for Glasgow and the South West said: “Cheryl has done an absolutely fantastic job in transforming the pub since she took it on. The difference she’s made is night and day and I can’t wait to see how this refurbishment further helps her build the business.”

Cheryl added: “Because the pub has now been painted outside I think it has created a lot of interest and is drawing more people in, whilst the regulars are happy the traditional feel of the pub is still there.”

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