Our Promise

“To encourage an open, honest and flexible approach, to understand where our individual businesses are positioned and offer support, advice and assistance when required.”

Whether you’re a first time operator with a village pub in Eaglesham or an established multiple operator in the Grassmarket, this is our promise to every Iona Pub Partnership tenant.

Business Plan Review –

Our BDMs will be there to fully support you even before you get the keys. This includes a full Business Plan review, recommendation of key suppliers with exclusive trade deals to help you reduce costs and identify any mandatory training needs and training courses for you or your staff.

The First 3 Months in your Business –

-Our BDMs will meet with you weekly during your first month and then every four weeks during month two and three in order to offer advice and support. They will also be on hand to quickly help with any problems or issues which need advice to resolve.

Business Meetings –

Our BDMs will meet with you on an on-going basis at least once every 6 weeks in order to discuss all aspects of your business.

Quarterly Marketing Plans –

Our BDMs will conduct a quarterly marketing review and agree a plan for the following 3 months with you in order to set a timeline for any promotional and marketing activities for the following 13 week period.

Training Review –

Our BDMs will review training needs for both you and your staff on a 6 monthly basis in order to identify any training courses available which may add value to you and your business.

Specialist Reviews & Support –

Our BDMs will identify areas of your business that may require specialist review & support. Such needs may be a food audit by our Food Development Manager, an in-depth marketing review by our Marketing Manager or a specialist financial review by your accountant.

Annual Business Review –

Our BDMs will carry out a full review of your business following receipt of your annual accounts. This review meeting will look to; analyse stock reports, sales mix, pricing, marketing strategy, on-line & social media presence, supplier agreements, contracts in place, maintenance agreements, wage costs & rotas, cost management and much more in order to help improve the profitability of your business the following year.

Renewing Your Agreement –

Our BDMs will, in the last year of your agreement, begin discussions with you not less than 9 months prior to the expiry of your agreement regarding proposed terms for renewing your agreement.

Leaving Your Pub–

Our BDMs will begin the process of marketing the property to recruit a new tenant to take on the premises not less than 6 months prior to the end of your agreement should you decide to surrender your lease at the end of your agreement we